Eire Cafe and Eire Pies owners Stephen Lowery and Zoi Kokoti found a mentor in a previous Telstra Business Award winner. Pic Naomi Jellicoe

In entrepreneurship, there may come a point where you are unsure of your next steps whether you are starting a new business, or expanding an existing one. When you have a mentor who will guide you in your business management, it will help diminish the doubts you may have regarding certain decisions.

Who is a business mentor? Basically, a business mentor is an individual who got numerous years of experience in the entrepreneurial field and is capable of guiding other business owners and managers with their ventures. As you strategise your way through the ups and downs of your business, this person becomes your trusted confidante. Depending on the type of counsel you are looking, this mentorship may last for several months, or even years.

The services offered by a business mentor are usually provided free of charge as a means of giving back to the community at large. And having a business mentor can dramatically transform the way you manage your business.

One of the most important benefits of having a business mentor is that you can learn from his past mistakes. Your mentor has achieved his high ranking business status due to mistakes made in the past. He may have made decisions without having a clear idea of what direction he should take. In such cases, he may have made decisions that cost him lots of money. Your mentor is in the position to share his personal business experiences with you, so that you can avoid such setbacks from occurring in your business. This will allow you to establish or expand your enterprise in less time.

Another advantage of having a business mentor is that he can provide you with emotional support. When you own a business, don’t simply follow orders and base your decisions from your bosses. Instead, you work on your own because you have no one to turn to for advice on what’s step to do next. Now that you are finally an entrepreneur, the ball is in your hands and you can decide the outcome of your game. Your mentor can fill the gap by providing you with emotional support. If you require a second opinion on a matter, he can provide you with the clarity required to move forward.

In addition to the mentioned advantages, having a business mentor also helps you in expanding your network. That’s because as your relationship with your business mentor develops, you may have the opportunity to meet other business owners in his network.

In an article published by PerthNow.Com.Au, there are many other benefits you may get when you work with a business mentor. According to the article, shared experiences and sound advice are the biggest advantages you can get as they can bolster your business.

You can read the full article here: http://www.perthnow.com.au/business/small-business/seeking-support-from-others-can-bolster-your-business-through-shared-experience-and-sound-advice/news-story/1b9e1d64a51745fc725c4dda5a8fddf0

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