Do you have problems with your home furniture? Do they get scratched so easily by your children or even pets? If you are one of those homeowners who spent a lot of money on their home decors, and are looking for ways on how to preserve your pieces of furniture at home, you need to learn these tips.

Kitten on hind legs against scratching pole.

Caring for home furniture is not only smart and responsible, but it saves money. With the recent national economic woes, many homeowners are trying to find new ways to cut costs such as saving their water and electricity consumption, but this solution is arguably less difficult to do than the previous two.

The life of your furniture can be extended considerably if you know proper care. After all, you won’t have to allocate funds to replacing worn out furniture when it could have been avoided with a little extra care.

The first thing to do when taking care of your furniture is to make sure that it is cleaned regularly. If your child spilled his chocolate drink on your chair, it should be cleaned promptly. Otherwise, the liquid will dry up and turn into stain that is extremely difficult to remove.

All of us know that regular cleaning is important, but do you know how does it prolong the lifespan of your furniture? By regularly cleaning furniture, you don’t have to use cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals, which will damage furniture over time. Making office furniture last also requires paying attention to how different pieces should be cared for. Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight no matter what type of material it is made as sunlight can result fading and cracking.

Moreover, you need to regularly inspect furniture for any screws that are loose or parts that need to be fixed. Aside from safety, tightening loose screws and bolts helps prevent furniture from falling apart.

One major problem that homeowners face is looking for ways to save their pieces of furniture from scratching pets. To know how, read this: