What Gave Birth to the Matrix

Everyone has seen the Matrix. It was everywhere in theatres and stores and all the television vendors like Slackware were carrying it. When it comes to influential movies of the late nineties, few are going to hold as treasured a place as the Matrix movies. Viewers often noted the deep and varied world presented in these films, and if you look closely, you can see some of the source material shining through.

One of the prime influences on the Matrix was the Japanese anime movie Ghost in the Shell, which features a fascinating discussion over what it means to be human when you are more than part machine.

Another clear influence is Lewis Caroll’s Alice books, seen when Neo follows the white rabbit and in Morpheus’s famous line “You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

The Matrix itself also borrows extensively from world religions like Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, most notably in areas where the film speaks to the interconnected quality of all things, the vision of a savior and the nature of reality.

The Matrix also owes a great debt to the work of William Gibson, the author who essentially pioneered the cyberpunk genre and the vision of a slickly technological future where humans were increasingly brushed aside.

With its sleek cinematography and its compelling storyline, you can find information about the matrix almost anywhere on the web, but remember that your own interpretation of the data and what the film means is important too! See what this film means to you and how you interpret it!

Did The Wachowski Brothers Steal ‘Matrix’ Idea From Grant Morrison’s comic series ‘The Invisibles’?

It is unlikely that the Wachowski Brothers stole the concept of The Matrix from the comic series The Invisibles by Grant Morrison. It is more likely that they created the premise for The Matrix after attending several philosophy courses from the universities they attended. An introductory philosophy class will cover the theories of Rene Descartes, who questioned the reality of an external world. From his writings, which have existed since the mid-1600s, many questions have been Read more »

Has The Concept Of Matrixism As A Religion Gone Too Far?

Has The Concept Of Matrixism As A Religion Gone Too Far?

The Origins of Religion
Has any form of religion ever enhanced and moved society forward? If we look around us, we will see the iron grip that religion plays in society. It prevents stem cell research, for example. Stem cell research could pave the way for curing treacherous diseases like cancer. Religion has not been a proponent of equal rights for women or pro-choice. Essentially, religion stunts the growth of Read more »

What Is The Best Of The Three ‘Matrix’ Video Games

The Matrix is a multi-media franchise. In addition to the movies and animated features, there also exists three video games in the franchise. Each has something to offer, but many players wonder which is better.

Enter the Matrix was conceived of as both a companion to the Matrix Reloaded as well as a prequel/interquel to the film itself. Featuring new live-actions scenes and important information that made watching the movie itself a bit easier, it should have been great. Unfortunately, Read more »

Comparing The Three ‘Matrix’ Movies: Best And Worst

Without a doubt the best film in The Matrix trilogy is the first one. The film changed the industry and it made a big mark in popular culture. The first movie feels like a complete movie to me. When I saw the film back in 1999, I personally didn’t expect a sequel, much less two sequels. That’s probably because it was never thought out as a trilogy from the beginning.

The movie is complete because it has a Read more »

What Do You Think Happened After ‘The Matrix Revolutions’?

I think the biggest question of what happens following the conclusion of The Matrix Revolution is whether or not the peace agreement that was reached between the humans and the machines really lasted. I hate to be a pessimist but I have a lot of doubt as to whether or not they were able to really keep the peace. Eventually the competition for natural resources to feed the competing human and machine civilizations would draw both sides back into war.

You have to think Read more »

Who Is Your Favorite ‘Matrix’ Character And Why?

Of all the diverse characters in the Wachowski Brothers’ “The Matrix,” Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) remains my favorite character. What a welcome relief to have a woman as a central and fully-realized hero, rather than simply the love interest. Trinity’s athletic skills and computer savvy rank her alongside the other technical wizards in the Nebuchadnezzar rebel ship. She is second in command to Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and like the tough and competent Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) character in the Aliens franchise, her gender does not preclude her from taking command. Her authority does not diminish her feminine characteristics, and Read more »

What Is Your Favorite ‘Matrix’ Movie?

The sequels to The Matrix are much-maligned and, in some cases, rightly so. The Matrix: Revolutions is, at best, a sub-par sequel and a disappointing ending to an otherwise exciting and thought-provoking series. However, The Matrix: Reloaded is criticized almost as often and, I think, unfairly so. While it may not have the same sense of newness and innovation that the first Matrix film had, it has a flair all of its own, with action scenes that, in my opinion, far exceed those Read more »

Virtual reality in real life

The days when we see virtual reality packages on www.Direct.tvmight not be too far off. Virtual reality is already finding its way into the fine arts in the works of Maurice Benayoun, Char Davies, Brenda Laurel, and others. Technically speaking, The Matrix is a form of simulated reality, since the individuals living inside it are unaware that they actually are in a simulation. While some philosophers have theorized that humans may actually be living in such a reality, simulated reality is still mainly just that: a philosophical argument. Virtual reality, on the other hand, has had a much more concrete history in the “real world.”In virtual reality, individuals are aware that they are in a different reality. This can be seen in the first film when Neo trains with Morpheus. Non-digital virtual reality can be seen in the panoramic murals that appeared in the 1860s, and devices in the 1920s simulated the experience of riding in a vehicle. In the late 1950s and 1960s, Morton Heilig tried to advance virtual reality with a device called the Sensorama. This was Heilig’s attempt to make “The Cinema of the Future,” as he described in a 1955 paper. The Sensorama played short films while engaging the senses in never-before-seen ways, all without the benefit of computers. However, filmmaking for the device was so expensive that the Sensorama never took off (so to speak). Read more »

What can you check out next?

After watching all three Matrix films for the umpteenth time, you may find yourself looking for some movies to sink your teeth into. Here are some of our favorites:Ghost in the Shell - This 1995 Japanese animated film was a major inspiration for the Wachowskis and still holds up as a great science-fiction movie. The plot follows a cyborg police officer named Kusanagi who is just as spunky and deadly as Trinity. A hacker called the Puppet Master is hacking into human brains and running amokand Kusanagi just can’t stand for that. But what does her own artificial self have to do with the mystery?Existenz - This is a dark film by the renowned director David Cronenberg, with a lot of scenes that could make you wince. It stars Jennifer Jason Leigh as a virtual reality game developer who is being targeted by an assassin with bizarre weaponry. Jude Law is the mild-mannered marketing trainee who is forced to go on the run with her. Together the two uncover a strange rivalry between two game companies and the “realists”, who are fighting to maintain reality.Minority Report – This 2002 sci-fi thriller is also a modern noir mystery, with an interesting twist: the crime hasn’t been committed yet. Instead, a trio of psychics predicts crimes and Tom Cruise apprehends them before it occursthat is, until the psychics “see” Cruise in the act of murder. Director Steven Spielberg doesn’t disappoint in this exciting tale.Tron: Legacy – This film hasn’t been released yet, but all signs point to it being an interesting and adult remake of an ’80s favorite. Garrett Hedlund plays the son of Jeff Bridges’s character from the original. Hedlund goes looking for his father and finds himtrapped in a gladiator-like virtual world. The two are forced to fight for their lives as they make their way back to reality.